Croutons solve two problems at our house- making use of stale bread and getting lettuce eaten!

Upcycling scraps: toddler floor cushion

Sewing scraps upcycling idea! Land of Nod knock-off toddler floor cushion. Quick and easy sewing project.

Zero Waste Home: Book Review

A review of the quintessential zero waste book, “Zero Waste Home” by Bea Johnson. An overall aspirational read with great recipes, but not always approachable or attainable.

Trade, Swap, Barter

Bartering is awesome! I made an awesome mama swap myself recently and highly recommend giving it a shot. Plus list of online trading resources.

Natural DIY Tie Dye

How to naturally tie dye with ingredients you already have in your kitchen! Easily upcycle second-hand white onesies with stains.

Zero Waste Baby: Bottles

Let’s talk Zero Waste baby bottles. Options for feeding babies and toddlers when Mommy is away. Glass and stainless steel and ball jars, oh my!

Recipe: Almond Milk

Easy almond milk recipe with alternatives for flavoring and straining equipment. Don’t let homemade almond milk intimidate you- it’s super simple!