Experiment: Making Charcoal Eyeliner

I was cleaning out the fireplace today and I had a nice big bucket full of ashes to add to my compost and a TON of charcoal. I started thinking about how it’d be fun to use the charcoal for an art project but also how it might be cool to try some homemade makeup DIY… Turns out it’s pretty simple and totally fun to make your own charcoal eyeliner!

I read online that you should thouroughly rinse the charcoal and make sure it’s nice and clean first. So I rinsed away all the ash.

Then Google said dry it in the oven at 215*F for 3 hours to get it nice and dried out. So into the oven it went!

After that I followed another blog about DIY makeup. I crushed the charcoal up into fine powder. It would have been nice to have a mortar and pestle here, but a jar and spoon worked out okay.

I went for 2 ingredient eyeliner. The second ingredient is just melted coconut oil. I did 2 Tbsp. The measurements were very unofficial.

I slowly added melted coconut oil into the charcoal powder until I was happy with the consistency.

I transferred the paste into another jar just for aesthetics. I didn’t want a big mess from the jar where I mixed it originally. I put it in the fridge for 10 minutes to rush along the solidifying process.

Then using my small ecotools brush I put it on like regular eyeliner and filled in my brows a little too. I’m not a huge makeup wearer, but this may be my new routine- I really like the subtle difference and the fact that it’s natural, homemade, and extremely cheap.

The instructions I read said this kind of homemade makeup runs the risk of growing bacteria more quickly than store-bought cosmetics so it’s best to replace it every few weeks. I’m thinking I’ll make up a new batch twice a month and just keep my brush good and clean. I kept the rest of the charcoal in a Mason jar for other uses or later batches 🙂

Have you ever considered making your own makeup before? Why or why not? What does your zero waste beauty routine look like? 


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